F.E.K.O squad training
Sensei Mandie Read hosted the second regional squad training session. It was the last chance for some of the senior squad members to get together before the European championships and also the junior squad to do some extra training in preparation for the FEKO childrens championships. The session got under way with some partner work, and the subject was avoiding the attack by moving to the side and then counter attacking with a series of different techniques. There was also an opportunity for some of the squad members to fight one on one in preparation for the Europeans, under the watchful eye of 2 of the FEKO referees. After the break the squad moved on to focus pad work.........working on speed, co-ordination and accuracy. The session was completed with some cool down exercises.....which sorted the men out from the boys !!!!
Fantastic session and many thanks to everyone that supported it especially the people that travelled long distances to get there.
  Copyright Mandie Read 5th Dan 2005-2012