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Association Grading 26th June 2011 The Thorns Dojo
Dudley Shukokai Association held their grading on Sunday 26th June. Everyone did very well and some of our younger members proved they will be stars of the future. The club also had 4 students taking their black belt (shodan) grading....Ryan Brookes, Jessica Wall, Jez Moxey and Tom Turner. All these students were successful and the club now has another 4 black belts. Vanessa Stokes and Georgia Burgess already having black belts in shotokan karate both attained the level to pass their black belts in Shukokai karate. There was one final pass of the day...... sensei Sab Lally was awarded 4th Dan (Yondan) for all his hard work and dedication to the club over the last few years. Well done to all students !!!!
Sensei Mandie Read 5th Dan