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Charity Walk of Dudley  May 2011
Well we couldn't have picked a better day for our sponsored walk, the sun was shining on us and our group set off at 11am for our 6 mile walk of Dudley. Everyone was in high spirits and enjoying themselves, although our walk leader..... Vanessa Stokes thought she was on some kind of hike from John o groats to Lands End !!!!! So after 3 miles of taking in some beautiful scenery around the canals and nature reserves we all made it to our first check point, where there were refreshments, an opportunity for our youngest walker (ok she was in a pram !! ) Darcey to have a well deserved bottle of milk and a change of leader as Vanessa had managed to get half the group lost !!!. We then set off for the second part of the walk through Saltwells nature reserve where it had to be said was beautiful as the woods were full of colour especially from the amazing bluebells that were there. We then headed back towards our start point and I have to say it was lovely to see people talking and enjoying themselves as they walked. Once safely back there was a check in to see how everyone had done time wise and finally for everyone to collect a certificate of participation. Many thanks to all who took part and look out for our total money raised in our newsletter.
Sensei Mandie