Dudley Shukokai Karate - 'A' squad members
Dudley Shukokai Pensnett Shotokan and Kobushi Shukokai joined forces for A squad training.
Sensei Sab Lally again took the session while the chief instructors and referees had time to talk about what we hoped to gain  from the session and to also refresh ourselves on the rules. That out the way it was down to business and our qualified FEKO judges led by F.E.K.O. referee Stuart Forsyth took over the session. As well as the competitors we were hoping that the judges could also take something valuable from the session which proved to be the case ! The idea of the squad session is obviously to produce top class competitors but also to try and iron out problems that people may have. At the end of the session everyone sat down and discussed how we thought the session had gone.... positive and negative feedback is a must ! Sensei Mandie also talked about looking after yourself and what is put into our bodies is so important ! Also how to manage injuries to be able to get the best out of people ! With an attendance of over 30 people the A squad continues to grow. Good luck to 4 of our A squad members who are off to Northern Ireland this weekend to compete.
Well done to everyone who took part.
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Training events for the A team
30th May 2010
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